Sunday, 14 June 2009

Yearlist Update

I have not had anytime for birding lately so might aswell post an update on my lists for the year.
YR list: 114 (bad I know!!) highlights are as follows, Collared Flycatcher twitched at Portland (Candidate for the best bird of the year?!) Temmincks stint found at Blashford lakes ( i thought it was a Common Sandpiper at first! then some birders identified it for me..) Osprey found at a undisclosed site ( passing through to the Highlands no doubt as its no longer there ) and a Bittern at Blashford lakes ( best view ever! it walked out into the open in front of the hide setting off a million camera shutters!! ). So not that bad I guess......

My lifelist now stands at 141 but I am hoping to get loads of lifers when i move to spain like Griffon vulture, Lesser kestrel, Black winged stilt,Roller and loads more........

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