Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Terns and scoters @ Keyhaven ( part 1 )

The day started off quietly arriving at Keyhaven, a few Redshanks and the odd oystercatcher flew along the coast, a solitary Pied wagtail walked along the shingle and Black headed gulls drifted over head...

After about 5 mins of speedy walking we reached our usual vantage point for scanning for waders and seabirds ( we once had a family of seals bobbing around out to sea here ). A massive
group of Curlews were roosting out on one of the mini islands (around 60 of em!). After chatting to a young (ish) birdwatcher ( about what was around today ), he informed us that a pair of Common scoters were drifting along the edge of the sea line... ( a potential lifer for me! ) So he kindly scanned and located them on his expensive looking scope and let me have a look, Two duck shaped splodges well out to sea..... thats a good enough view for for me! another lifer!

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  1. Well done with the Common Scoters, still need them for my list. Had some not far me during the week just not had the time to see if they are still there.