Thursday, 11 June 2009

A great day around Radipole lake!!

Well folks here is my first post to this Blog, I will try and make it as interesting as I can....

Yesterday me and my Auntie(she is the one responsible for starting my interest in Birds and wildlife!) Did the usaul 40-45 min drive all the way down to Weymouth to try for the elusive Cettis Warbler. On the way down a few Buzzards, Sprawks(dont you just love that name..) and
Kestrels were seen hovering and gliding over the countryside.

We did stop off at Abbotsbury Swannery to try for Bearded Tits but i would rather not talk about it (guess why..) Radipole lake was a different story within a few minutes i had spotted a Sedge Warbler showing and singing well in a bush next to the reeds, a NEW lifer for me!! (by the way its a wetland habitat) Relucantly i left the Warbler to continue the search for the Cettis...

Down the path as I turned a bend I accidently flushed a Warbler, which flew over the reeds, landed and burst into song. Well the song was a dead giveaway "YES" finally a Cettis warbler!!
and It only took me Four years to see one!!....... lol

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