Saturday, 27 June 2009

Terns and Scoters @ keyhaven ( part 2 )

Sorry about not posting this second part for ages but I have been really busy lately ( what with going to Wimbledon and the like) but anyway here it is..... :)
After adding the Scoters to my very, very, slow growing Life list I was on a pretty high note for the day and didn't expect it to get any better, but boy was I wrong! Leaving the young (ish) Birder to continue his scanning, me and my auntie walked the short walk to the inland pools that usaully held a nice variety of Waders, Gulls and Terns. Suprisingly there wasn't a lot about when we got there accept for some Redshanks, Curlews, Shelducks, Oystercatchers and BHGs...
But patience nearly always pays off - so we found a nice piece of comfortable ground, hankered down and snacked on our sandwiches ( tuna & vinegar, cheese & tomato sauce sandwiches for me, don't ask. ) After awhile patience did pay off and some distant Terns flew in off the sea. Plenty of Common terns at first but then I spotted a smaller Tern flying between the larger commons, with it flying closer to the bank we were sat on, we could make out a yellow bill and set of legs confirming it as a Little tern! Number two lifer for the day! AWESOME!! ( also later on we went to the Common terns breeding site down the end of Keyhaven, the terns were flying right over our heads, like a mini slice of the Farnes ) ,
The pics are of the Terns, Black headed gulls, Pied wagtails and Keyhaven...

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