Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Lifers galore!!

Last wednesday I got news that a red knecked pharolope had been seen at one of my local non Dorset birding spots: keyhaven, a defo must have for me, as I had never seen a pharolope of any kind before. Not only was there a pharolope around but Cattle Egret, Curlew sandpiper and Ruff had been reported lately!!

Well naturally as a birder I have my twitching genes so I was literally twitching with anticipation and excitement at the prospect of seeing a new lifer ( Apparently this is were the term "Twitcher" derives from! ). When we arrived we followed the steady flow of Twitchers/Birders evidently heading for the pharolope, and were, upon arrival, greeted by a friendly group of birders who quickly pointed out were abouts on the water the red necked phal was...

We stayed for an hour and watched the pharolope doing its curious feeding technique on the lake, I put up my scope so my auntie could get a look at it Such a lovely bird coupled with an amazing view just = priceless. Later on on the day We also managed to see Curlew sandpipers, Ruffs, Yellow wagtails ( 4 lifers!! ) and a Cattle egret ( year tick, we followed a very nice youngish birder to it ).

We also tried Seawatching with that group of birders we met when we arrived, at the chisel beach down the road but the results were not good ( a few Com terns, Gannets ). The leader of the group who suspicously resembles Simon king, gave me a handshake and said "see you around, its nice to know there are young ones out there who appreciate nature" which was very nice :) Yets hope this great birding streak continues...

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