Friday, 10 July 2009

Titchfield haven ( part 1 )

This wednesday me and my Auntie decided to go a lot further afield birding than we usually do, All the way down to Titchfield haven, in Dorsets neighbouring county Hampshire ( been doing a lot of birding around these parts lately ). I hastly scribbled down the ( complicated )
directions from Google maps, climbed in the car and off we went....

Well as you probably guessed we got lost and had to ask numerous people around Titchfield where the reserve was, most of the people didnt have a clue! after finally finding someone who actaully had an inkling where the reserve was, it turned out it was only a few miles down the road!!!

Titchfield looked promising when we entered the visitor centre, the sighting board had, Green sandpiper ( potential Lifer! ), Common sandpiper ( potential Y Lister! ) and Mediterranean gull!!

( this going to be in Two parts because Mum is nagging for the computer at the present time, i will post the second part tomorrow... )

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