Saturday, 4 July 2009

Nightjar success at Ferndown common ( finally!! )

Again and again I have been trying for Nightjars this summer but so far they proved way to elusive and we failed everytime. I was nearly on the point of giving up and putting my efforts into finding much easier birds for the LF list but me, my Dad and my Auntie decided to try one last time...

We sort of arrived a bit early on the heath at Ferndown common ( around 9.15 ) so we had to wait a little bit for the Nightjars to start their distinctive churring buzz. Around 9.50 the churring started, but further up the heath. Walking at a brisk pace towards the Calls, more started up around us and i was starting to get really excited on the prospect of another Lifer!

Moths flew low over heads as we edged slowly around the gorsh bushes towards some really loud churring coming from above us. perched on a wire in the setting sun was the distinctive shape of a new lifer, Nightjar!. I have said it before and i will say it again "patience is a must have" sadly mine tends to run out after an hour ot two of waiting lol.
Walking back in steadily darkening night, I got an even better view as I accidently flushed a couple of the them, which flew low over heads. A great end to some great night birding.

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